Société SC

SPORT CONTROLE is a consulting sports medical study that develops and tests innovative products and meet the business needs in the field of sport, leisure and well-being. Founded in 2008 in the Basque country by a multidisciplinary group of physicians in Aquitaine, the goal is simple: to create a structure sports medicine can test and integrate specifications in medical product design and service to optimize prevention in sport, and thus reduce the risk of traumatologies, injuries, infections, etc. while optimizing performance and enjoyment of the practice.

SPORT CONTROLE a platform in medical engineering at the service of innovation products and services for sports and prevention. Positioning CONTROL SPORT is unique in France and is characterized by the following three aspects differentiators:

· The ability of a rapid implementation of a network of health professionals tailored to each health issues healths at the heart of innovation project

· The ability to integrate a specification and ergonomic medical expenses in the product design process. This integrated medical expertise is now characterized by the notion of Ergomedical Design TM (presented at the 2014 Congress AHFE – Applied Human Factor and Ergonomic, “The Ergomedical Design: Integrating a Medical Approach Into the Innovative Design Process”, Rosa V, F Handgraaf Cordier F, Pereyre B).

· A validation of the effectiveness of concepts from a medical point of view like pharmaceuticals. To increase the legitimacy, “Ergomedicale” certification is being development. In this dynamic, the design is done in collaboration with engineers, ergonomists and physicians. Finally, the products are designed validated by both the user and through our network of physicians.