Conception R&D


Bureau study sports medicine, SPORT CONTROLE:

Designs of products from A to Z by his concept of Ergomedical Design TM · Accompanies customers integrate the Ergomedical Design TM in their products and services punctual and regular actions throughout the design process

R & D Partnership for product design and / or service

Partnership Engineering / Medical: is performed using a collaborative work of one your projects. · One of our concepts interest you, réadaptons the set for you. SPORT CONTROLE can intervene with its partners from idea to production monitoring to test product and communication at commercial launch. The design of products and services is user-centric and the healths issues. This allows to adapt the product or service to its use réel.Cette originality is supported by the validation of products and services in use and the network of doctors SPORT CONTROLE.

Examples of past projects:


Hearing Protection Conduit External: SORKY become SEALS 1st and only plug in the world to argue his efficacy in the prevention of otitis and exostosis. Earplug providing protection from water, wind, cold and pollution the people with sensitive ears / fragile in the practice of their business, while allowing sound and retaining the balance capacity

Other projects developed:

Headquarters skipper · Protection of the ear canal for diving · Back Protection · Protection costal · Hand protection · Etc.

Collaboration R & D

Medical Reinforcement design

Tuba mouthpiece

Headquarters dugout

Smartphone Application for Curistes

Secure Leash

Etc …

R & D Benefit product design and / or service

Design AZ: entrust us fully (or partially) the achievement of one of your projects. · Point of Expertise, we can help you in your designs through the following skills:

Reinforcement medical

Integration of the medical approach to the specification and design product service · Study of the interactions of the environment and the products on the health of users · Setting up test protocol under medical supervision, No. CNIL Biomedical 1610537V0 · Procedure quality “design health” / Protocol Standards “health product”

Ergonomic Competence and use

Ergonomic analysis of sports, recreational and professional · Study of interactions of product performance and health of the user · Biomechanical analysis, and sensory cinesiologic

Medical Expertise:

General Medicine · Sports Medicine / Federal · Hospital and emergency medicine · ENT surgery · Orthodontics and maxillo-facial surgery · Dermatology · Veterinarian · Etc.