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Plateau Medical Technique

SPORT CONTROLE develops, tests and validates a variety of products and services through its network of multidisciplinary medical technical platforms.

Examples: · Center of cardiac and respiratory monitoring · Laboratory blood analysis · Tracking Center sports · ENT Services · Radiology Center · Laboratory Dermatology-mycology · Orthodontic Clinic · Sleep Clinic · Etc.

Our health specialists study the effect of your products on the human body. This step ensures the health of participants, validating it, either by unsealing the improvements to be made. Our studies can be conducted on equipment / accessories, surfing, diving, sailing, tennis, swimming, mountain sports (etc) as well as health facilities and welfare as a system of relaxation, restraint or even leisure products “wellness) …

Our tests: 3 separate performance or combine three types of benefits are available:

1 | Benchmark / comparative test: study the best product on one or more criteria 2 | Usage tests: study the suitability of the product / service in situations of use (real or accelerated) 3 | Medical tests or cohort: study health impact of the product / service on the user. This allows you to affix your products tested (if enabled) sub-control medical. All of these tests can be combined to meet the needs and goals of the study. Our CIR accreditation is valid in the frame where the tests are part of a search (eg impact of wearing a ankle sprain after the rehabilitation)

Our approach to testing

The process of testing SPORT CONTROLE is scientifically validated by a doctoral thesis (phD Virginia ROSA) and scientific publications.

This approach is based on three key points:

1 | Integration of factors influencing income from the write phases of the protocol to the inclusion phases testers 2 | La defined objectives of the test (this may sound simple, but in view of our experience, this requires a significant joint work upstream) 3 | The definition of statistical analysis tests before the tests themselves. These are made ​​taking into account the potential heterogeneity of subjects and representativeness of future buyers / users. After these tests, we can offer you writing a scientific paper for publication purposes.

Examples of past projects: Medical tests and validations health

· Systems muscle support (fatigue tests, tests of tissue oxygenation, performance testing, sensory analysis) · Backpack (identification of fatigue-related concepts, comparative exercise test with cardiac and lactate level) · Running Shoes (analysis of inflammatory thresholds for quality amortized sensory analysis) · Surf suit (analysis of the thermal quality, control heart rate, medical analysis of blood circulation to the extremities, the study of freedom of movement for fatigue) · Clinical Tests of sunscreen products (creams, sticks, milk moisturizing oil) · Etc.